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A collection of our most commonly asked questions. If what you want to know isn't here then get in touch.

What are your opening times?

We are open from 10:30-16:00, Tuesday to Sunday. Our cafe is also open on Mondays 11:00 – 14:00 in addition to this.

Vauxhall City Farm will be closing on the 17th of December until the 16th January 2018 . We would like to thank all our visitors for their support this year.

Is there an entry fee?

No, entry is free but donations are very welcome!

Do I need to book?

You only need to book if you’re bringing a large group and/or would like a guided tour. The maximum group size we can accommodate at one time is 30.

Bring a group to the farm.

Can we touch the animals? What about feeding?

Many of the large animals often come up to the fences in the yard or the paddocks and like to be stroked or scratched. There may be a member of staff available to help you stroke the small animals – just ask. Always remember to watch your fingers and wash your hands thoroughly after touching. Feed dispensers are available on site. All of our animals have special diets designed to keep them healthy so please only feed the animals food from the dispensers. This includes bread for the ducks and carrots and apples for the ponies.

Do you have a café?

The Old Dairy cafe re-opened on the 1st of March.

Find out more about the Old Dairy Café

Can I bring my dog?

Our livestock and horses are very easily frightened so unfortunately we can’t have any dogs on the farm side. However you are welcome to sit outside The Old Dairy in our garden area with your dog an enjoy a piece of cake and a coffee.

Guide dogs are welcome on the entire farm.

Can I have a picnic there?

We’re afraid not, but you can buy food and drink in our onsite cafe!

Is it muddy?

Most of the farmyard path is concrete but a few parts can be muddy. Wellies, walking boots or old trainers are best.

Is it safe? Can I catch diseases?

The animals are all tame and friendly but, of course, being animals, there is always a risk of biting and scratching that we cannot rule out. Avoid putting your fingers near the animals’ mouths and please don’t pick up animals without a member of farm staff to help you. As long as you wash your hands after touching the animals, the risk of catching anything is extremely low. We also recommend rinsing your shoes and the wheels of pushchairs when you get home.

We take every measure possible to prevent the spread of disease and are inspected regularly by environmental health. If you are pregnant or think you might be, you should avoid contact with sheep and goats as there is a risk of contracting diseases that could harm you and your unborn child. For further information on staying safe when visiting farms please see our guide to Staying Safe on the Farm.

Can I re-home my rabbit/hamster/cockerel with you?

Unfortunately not. We have limited space and have all the animals we need.

Can I adopt/sponsor an animal?

Of course! Adopting a farm animal helps us pay for their feed, bedding and veterinary care.

Find out more about Animal Adoption.

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