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Wilma the Goat

I am truly sorry to be the bearer of sad news this morning.

The farm was closed for visitors yesterday as we were dealing with a livestock death on site and if you happened to have been caught out by this, we would like to apologise.

We do regular night checks of the livestock during the lambing and kidding season, and at 2am, we noticed something wasn’t right in the goat stable. Despite fast action and advice from our vet practice, Wilma, one of our pregnant Golden Guernsey goats, passed away at 2.30am on Sunday morning.

We closed the farm to arrange for Wilma to be collected with dignity, and to give staff some time to deal with the news. She was much beloved by all, having come to the farm as a kid in February 2013, along with her sister Betty, and our two castrated boys, Fred & Barney. She spent her life at the farm getting up to mischief and one of her favourite past times was sunning herself on Goat Mountain, in the main yard. She was affectionate and sweet, has attended hundreds of events off site and met thousands of visitors on site, and she will be missed by all.

We have arranged a post mortem to find out the cause of her death and to ensure the safety of the other two pregnant goats, Betty & Pebbles, their unborn kids and all other goats on the farm.

The farm will open as usual again from tomorrow, 14/03/17 however we ask for understanding if the farm staff are a little out of sorts over the next few days, as we’re all still recovering from what happened.

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