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Super Sensory Summer

This summer we were really excited to join forces with the RLSB (Royal London Society for Blind People) to host four days of sensory events at the farm. The RLSB support young people who are blind and vision impaired to live life to the full whether in education, music, sport or socialising.Chicken or duck

As part of the London Without Limits Festival, we ran a number of family friendly sensory activities to help raise awareness of blindness and get people excited about using all their senses. These activities included guessing the contents of mystery bags, herb smelling, water play and animal handling, all blindfolded of course!

We welcomed at least 100 people each day giving everyone a blindfold and explaining what we were doing. Everyone was really keen to get involved, splashing in the water, testing each other’s knowledge of herbs anSmell me!d challenging themselves to use their sense of smell, hearing and touch!

Particularly popular was the blindfold barnyard, everyone had to sit down with their blindfolds on and try to guess the animal that they were stroking. There were a lot of nervous adults and children to begin with but as soon as they felt the fluffy fur or silky feathers everyone relaxed “It feels cute”!

Afterwards we were told by many people that it had been quite a scary experience at first not knowing what they were touching and having to trust others. They were all very pleased that our duck, chicken and rabbit were so well behaved and gentle!

Our Super Sensory Summer event was a great success and people left with a little more understanding of the challenges vision impaired people face every day and an appreciation of their own sight. However they also gained a greater awareness of how powerful their other senses are too.

Watch a pre-event video or read more about the atmosphere at the RLSB blog.

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