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King Lear With Sheep

King Lear with SheepKing Lear With Sheep has been a roller coaster of fun for the farm this month! Let us rewind 3 months when we were first approached with the proposition of hiring out sheep to be used in a play.
-It’s a possibility. What play?
-King Lear.
Now we didn’t seem to remember many sheep in King Lear so our initial meeting – in which sheep were discussed, measured for costumes and a rehearsal schedule was agreed – did bring up the question:
-What are the sheep playing in King Lear?
The cast, turns out! Interesting…

The premise of the play is a stubborn director trying to put on a production of King Lear with a cast of sheep. They are late for the show and once they arrive they are… well, sheep! The director doesn’t understand why they cannot perform the show and rants and raves to no avail, ending up trying to act out all the roles himself, in the middle of an impassive flock of sheep, going slowly mad, very much like Lear.

Hazel as King Lear

Our sheep have been training for months to not only get used to Alasdair Saksena – the only human actor in King Lear with Sheep – shouting and jumping around them, but also to get used to wearing their costumes, the small amount of smoke machine use in the middle of the play, and their cues. Yes, cues. As while the director is going crazy because the sheep are not performing, the sheep actually had to perform to make this work!

Snowdrop as Cordelia

The sheep enter the stage on their own, 10 minutes into the play with Alasdair already on stage, they interact with Alasdair at several points in the play on visual cues including whispering in his ear to explain why they do not want to put on the show, the flock leaves the stage on cue to leave Alasdair space for his curtain bow and Snowdrop, one of our Shetland lamb, dramatically dies in Alasdair’s arms every night… sometimes more than once!

If all this intrigued you, you are in luck! Due to popular demand the run of the show has been extended and it will be put on for an extra 9 nights in the last two weeks in September. Buy your tickets now.

Alasdair Saksena – Director
Hazel – King Lear
Willow – Earl of Gloucester
Jamie – Edmund/Edgar
Snowdrop – Cordelia
Laurel – Goneril
Anise – Regan
Bluebell – Edgar/Edmund
Clover – Chorus
Honey – Chorus

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