Trevor the Turkey

Trevor the Turkey is a very special creature, did you know he can change colour when he gets angry?

Trevor is a male Norfolk Bronze turkey. He loves showing off when anyone walks past by puffing up his feathers.

Trevor is a male turkey, also called a stag, a female is a hen and a baby is called a poult. Trevor’s pink face helps him to keep cool in hot weather by bringing blood close to the surface of his skin, it means he can turn his face bright red when he is angry or if he’s just showing off.

Why does Trevor look so weird?

The folds and twists on his head are called caruncles and the skin under his chin is called a wattle. He uses these folds of skin to control his temperature in the summer, by pumping more or less blood through them, depending on how hot he is.

That hanging bit over his beak is called the snood. When it’s short and pale he is relaxed – when it’s long and red he is grumpy or showing off!

The grey wiry feathers on his chest are called the beard. They are modified feathers and the length gives an idea of the turkey’s age.

Did you know you can help support us by adopting Trevor and his friends? Adopt Trevor.