Our Horses

Say hello to our much loved riding centre horses

 We have a fantastic group of horses, suitable for all ages and abilities.

Without our horses we wouldn’t be able to offer riding lessons, riding therapy or riding for the disabled.


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Annie is very sweet and loves a good cuddle. She is quite forwards going but equally knows who is on her back and looks after her rider.


Fin is a very friendly fellow who is a very comfy ride. He loves nothing more than curling up his top lip and saying hi to new friends.


Lucky can be a little lazy at times but he has the comfiest canter ever. He also loves to jump.  Lucky loves to play in the arena with Polo and Fin,.


Blossom is a very pretty girl and best friends with Sapphire. With her lovely kind eyes  she is quickly becoming a firm favourite!


Polo is a very smart little pony for our children and small adults. He is great with our very young riders but does love a good gallop when he is allowed.  Polo isn’t very keen on baths, but unfortunately he is grey and needs a good scrub now and again to stop him from turning yellow!


Sapphire joined us in autumn 2016.  She is very friendly and a real cutie who just loves being ridden.


Billy is our gentle giant. He has a lovely nature and huge feet. Despite his size he is a very comfy ride with a canter you could sit on all day. Billy likes to snooze in his stable and dream of becoming a famous showjumper.


Herbie may look a bit of a chunky monkey but he is a very smooth comfy ride. Ideal for learning to canter! He is nosy by nature and has to say hello to everyone and everything.


Valentine secretly loves a good cuddle, but  she’s not so keen on being clean. She loves pulling faces at everyone except her best friend Annie.

Did you know you can help support us by adopting one of our horses?