Brahma Chickens and Friends

Our chickens come in all shapes and sizes, colours and marking. Come to the farm to see them all!

We have a large array of chickens, some for handling, some for laying eggs and the best ones do both! When you come and visit the farm, see how many different breeds you can spot.

Brahmas are gentle giants. They are a soft feather heavy breed and their feathery legs and feet are our favourite thing about them! They tend to be less active than smaller breeds, however do need more space, due to their sheer size.
They should be prevented from spending too much time on muddy ground, to keep the feathers on their feet dry and clean.

Brahma hens will lay around 180 medium sized, light brown (tinted) eggs.

Did you know that despite having wings and lots of feathers that chickens can’t fly? Their wings give them just enough lift to jump out of danger and roost on low tree branches but they are too heavy to fly and find all of their food on the ground.

People started keeping chickens for eggs and meat around 9,000 years ago. Before this the ancestors of the chickens would have lived wild in the forests of Thailand in South East Asia. Over time chickens spread around the world, first to China then India followed by Asia, Africa and Europe.

What are those red bits called?

The hanging flaps of red skin beneath the chin are called wattles and the one on top of a chicken’s head is called the comb. These keep the chicken cool in hot weather by circulating warm blood close to the surface of the skin. Cockerels have a large spike on their ankles called a spur which they use to fight other males over territory and females.

Did you know you can help support us by adopting our chickens? Adopt our Brahma chickens & Friends

Did you know you can help support us by adopting our chickens? Adopt Brahma chickens and friends.