Adopt an Animal

Adopting a farm animal is fun and will help pay for their feed, bedding and veterinary care. It makes a great gift – who wouldn’t like to receive a ferret for Valentine’s Day or a goat for Secret Santa?

Adopting a farm animal is fun and will help help support us by paying for their feed, bedding and veterinary care. It makes a great gift – who wouldn’t like to receive a ferret for Valentine’s Day or a goat for Secret Santa?

For £15 a year or just £1.25 a month you can adopt one of our small animals- chickens, rabbits, Trevor our lovely turkey etc.

For £30 a year or just £2.50 a month you can adopt your favourite large animal- Jenny and Edward our porky pigs, the ponies, goats, sheep or our cheeky trio of alpacas.

You will receive:

  • A personalised certificate
  • Farm badge
  • Free bag of animal feed every time you visit
  • Farm newsletter
  • A gift certificate (if appropriate)

If you’d like to adopt one of our animals, simply click your favourite below to make your donation. If you’re adoption is to be a gift please tick the ‘leave the charity a message’ box and add the details of the lucky recipient so we know who to prepare the adoption certificate for.


Adopt Barney and Friends

This cheeky group can normally be found lounging out in the sun, climbing goat mountain or just generally causing mischief.

Adopt Barney and friends or find out more.


Adopt Jenny and Edward

Jenny and Edward have been at the farm since 2012 and they seem to be enjoying it! They love nothing better than coming to say hello to the visitors and showing off what they’ve learned. Pigs are very intelligent animals, similar to dogs, and Edward will even sit if you tell him too!

Adopt Jenny and Edward or find out more.



We have a large array of chickens, some for handling, some for laying eggs and the best ones do both! When you come and visit the farm, see how many different breeds you can spot.

Adopt the Chickens or find out more.


Adopt Jemima AND FRIENDS

Our ferret  has been at the farm for many years. She is very inquisitive and is always keen to explore.

Adopt Jemima  or find out more.


Adopt Jerry and Friends

Tom, Ben and Jerry are shy but are very much the stars of the farmyard. Everybody loves their funky hairdos. They’re very shy though and it takes time to earn their trust!

Adopt Jerry and friends or find out more.

Adopt Clove and Friends

Clove and the rest of the guinea pigs are some of the cutest and cuddliest creatures on the farm. They love travelling around and meeting people but can be very shy so next time you visit, see if you can spot them hiding in the hay.

Adopt Clove and friends or find out more.


Adopt Trevor

Trevor is a male Norfolk Bronze turkey. He loves showing off when anyone walks past by puffing up his feathers. Did you know he can change colour when he gets angry?

Adopt Trevor or find out more.


Adopt Willow and Friends

Willow came to the farm in 2011 as a 4 day old lamb from a farm in Surrey. Staff and volunteers bottle fed her so now she is super friendly. She is a Suffolk Cross which gives her a black face. She has now had two sets of lambs, the most recent of which were born in May and are named Rose and Petal.

Adopt Willow and friends or find out more.



Maxwell is a Lionhead rabbit with a lovely nature. He loves a cuddle and often goes out on visits to schools and events. Short of our chinchillas, he is probably the fluffiest thing you get to meet on your visit to the farm!

Adopt Maxwell and friends or find out more




Adopt Lucky and Friends

Our horses are some of the most important, and most loved, animals on the farm.

Without our horses we wouldn’t be able to offer riding lessons, riding therapy or riding for the disabled.

Adopt Lucky and friends or find out more.

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